What is Liquid Rubber

I don’t what to go into chemical names and  complicated technical details on this page im going to keep to basic details.New liquid rubber epdm roof

In my experience true EPDM is hard to work with, takes a long time to go off and  is a pain to work with.

Most rooters are using liquid roofing materials that are based on modified  resins, resins like the resins used for GRP flat roofs, the reason the new modified resins are used is because  they stay flexible, unlike GRP

Some important Information  you should consider before choosing a liquid roofing material.

  • Make sure the system is a reinforced roofing system or is applied  in two contrasting layers.

  • Make sure the roofer is registered  to lay the roofing material.

  • Liquid rubber flat roofing EPDMMake suer its the correct roofing material  for your roof.

  • Make sure the system is not a liquid repair system but a new roof system

In March 2012 3M launched there new liquid flat roofing system.

We trained with them and now fit this system giving a manufacturers guarantee of 25 Years

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