Should I insulate my roof ?

EPDM rubber flat roof NW9 The Hyde

EPDM rubber flat roof NW9 The Hyde (Photo credit: EPDM Rubber Flat Roofing)

Obviously the anser is going to be yes  but you really have to weigh up the situation  as there are a lot of factors to the equation.

The main factor is the cost, it’s going to cost up to £45m² more  up front at the time you replace your roof!

However If you don’t insulate the roof now  you may have to replace the roof sooner than you think, the best time to upgrade the insulation is now place it under the new roof covering.

There is speculation that the government will be taxing all properties on how efficient that property is!

Have you noted that they have done away with the Hips package but they didn’t do away with the Energy efficiency certificate!

Are the government building up a database of all theses property that don’t come to the correct specification?

The price of each unit of energy is going to double or triple over the next decade,  put together the cost of the energy lost and the tax and it wont take long for insulation to pay for itself.

New flat roof insulation before EPDM roofThe Times News paper did an article

worth reading back in 2010  click the photo to read


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