EPDM rubber and insulation

Case Study

Roofing Contractor: London Flat Roofing Ltd.

Customer : Private

Problem: Old Leaking roof

Solution: New insulation and EPDM rubber

Customer called me and he needed a new flat roof he had been undertaking repairs to his roof for several years and the leaks had overwhelmed him

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Let’s list the areas where the water could be coming from:

  1. Roof flashings as his roof meets next doors
  2. Tank house on flat roof and old hatch door on roof, old skylights
  3. Cracking to the old roof surface.
  4. Roof sweating

So let’s rule out one or two of the above options:

 1. Roof flashings

This roof could be leaking from anywhere.

2. Tank House on roof.     (Rotted joists on a flat roof )

Yes the old roof is leaking badly from this area  you will see all the rotted decking and joist in this video.

 2. Cracking of the old flat roof.

Yes its defiantly leaking from the cracks running through the old flat roof the old felt and the old asphalt roof under the felt roof  is leaking all over the place.

 4.Sweating of the roof.    ( links to a video of a sweating roof)

Probably not, if this was the case there would be more damage further into the Property
This roof is probably not insulated to the new building regulation standards (Part L1b). Conservation of fuel and power (Existing dwellings).

Suggest Route Forward

Because the roof needs so much work carrying out on it just capping the roof  was not an option, investigations  suggested that there was a lot of rotted timbers in the roof so the complete roof would have to be striped  so this leads  us to conclude the roof is going to be open to the weather for some time before the work can  be complete and give the customer a nice new EPDM roof. A temporary tin roof  over the old roof was going to be needed.

Building regulations     Video explaining Part L1B

The building regulations are going to want us to insulate the new flat roof  to  the new standards so insulation is going to be needed

Putting it altogether so we can get a cost for a new flat roof.

  1. Scaffold out the property
  2. Tin roof over head
  3. Pavement licence as scaffolding to the front sits on the pavement
  4. Plan of action  to remove rubbish. As this property is in Camden we chose to remove the rubbish as we went along therefore we didn’t  need a skip and skip licences.
  5. Strip roof
  6. Alow a cost for replacing rotted timbers
  7. Allow a cost for rebuilding the tank house on the roof and removing other obstructions.
  8. Cost for a new flat roof vapour barrier.
  9. Cost for new insulation to the correct specification.
  10. Cost for the local authority to come out and inspect the work and give a certificate of completion ( very important)
  11. Cost for a new EPDM rubber roof to the new roof area and to dress the new EPDM around the new insulated tank area.
  12. Cost for replacing guttering to the front and rear of the property ( make use of the scaffolding whilst it is up)
  13. Cost to point the chimney stack.


Why EPDM rubber over all the other materials?

As you watch the roof being installed you will see the roof is quite plain, and nobody will be walking on the roof, perfect for EPDM rubber roofing.

Use EPDM when

  1. The roof is flat
  2. Not a lot of protrusions
  3. Not many box gutters
  4. Basically very little details
The finished project
Steven Dickinson
078023 00099
0845 003 6857
By the way you may also be interested in a new venture of mine  www.ecopopulus.co.uk we  do three main things from this side of the business.

As a property owner all three will become relevant over the next few years, part L1b is already impacting upon you.

Speak soon.


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