3M™ SD650 Same Day Roof

The new SD650 Same Day Roofing system from 3M  is backed by a
25 Year Guarantee 

When installed by an approved contractor.

same day roof is strong and flexible and backed by 3M with a 25 Year garantee


We are now proud to announce that we have been approved by 3M to install the new roofing-system and have now been installing the system on commercial and domestic property across London.

The new system named 3M™ Scotchkote™ Liquid Roofing SD650 Same Day Roof  looks as if it is going to replace the old reinforced systems  that 3M have been  installing for many years.

Samedayroofing system is by 3M SD650


The advantage of the new SD650 system is that it douse not have to have an embedment material applied to it to give it its strength.

The system is not only light and easily transported but also bosts a very low odour and a fire proof rating to BS476.



Samedayroofing system is by 3M



Have a look at some of our-previous project where we have chosen the SD650 flat roofing system.

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