Leaking pipe rots timbers of flat roof

Maintenance of pipes, guttering roofing gullies were all general items that had to be looked at cleaned and maintained on a regular basis thought the year when I first started working on properties.

Unfortunately  with the cutbacks and the lack of intrest some people have in there property these things just dont get maintained.

Have a look at this videio the pipe had been leaking fr some time now the customer has to pay out for repaointing of the walls and a complete new flat roof

The old flat roof will need to be completely removed all the timber joists that are supporting the roof will need striping out and renewing, unfortunately for he customer the insurance company have declined the claim on the bases that this was forceable

We find that the best policy to have when managing a large block of flat is to have a good routine  maintenance schedule. When It come to making claims on the insurance of the block, being able to prove that maintenance was kept up can be an advantage.


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