Garden Office Shed roof.

Hi,I saw your videos on You tube and was impressed.

I have a garden office, just installed bu it only has a temporary tyvec cover on at the moment (the company only did felt roofs and we asked for a shallower pitch to the roof for extra height height).

It’s under a tree, the floor space is 15m2 (3.75m x 4m) so the roof is slightly larger due to overhangs. Due to height restrictions, I cant’ do a warm roof, so it will be insulated inside with a boatload of cellotex I have.

Do you work in Se London? Is the best form of roofing for this fibreglass (GRP?). Do you have any idea how much it would cost? The access is through the house (it’s a victorian terrace) but it shouldn’t be a problem and the are no parking restrictions and we work form home.

Any advice on the insulation and the amount of air gap I need to leave would also be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Reply from:

London Flat Roofing.

GRP flat roofs or Glass Reinforced Plastic flat roofs, have in the past been a good alternative to the older tar based flat roofing materials such as Asphalt and mineral felt.

Time has moved on, second generation Liquid roofing systems evolved from older GRP systems, a glass fiber matt impregnated with a resin, the resins had been modified to stay flexible unlike Traditional GRP that’s rigid.

Third generation liquid flat roofing systems have no glass fibber matt to reinforce them, new resins bond together giving a tough durable materials that’s stays flexible but also very strong.

If you have not already seen the 3M video that promotes there new flat roofing system go and have a look they show there old system at the start with the glass fibers this system was good and flexible  the new system douse away with the glass fiber saving the material cost and the time but most of all removing a procedure that if not carried out correctly could over time be the downfall of the system.

The new system being easier to install means that there are less procedure to undertake on site, less chance of a mistake being made, less chance of a failure in years to come.

The 3m System on 13m2 will cost around £1500+vat

No air venting is needed if this is a warm room. Warm flat roof video

Yes we will work out your way

Send me some photos of what you have  I’m in office all-day today if you want to call 078023 00099

EPDM rubber will be cheaper still very good  around £1000.00+vat   black and not as good looking.


One comment on “Garden Office Shed roof.

  1. alina says:

    This is new system . it’s easy to install and there are less procedure to understand on this website. there are less possibility to mistake .

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