Flat Roof Installation Roofing videos on youtube

Good morning to you. I have seen most of your videos on flat roofing as I am about to install/repair my current flat roof which is gone soft in couple of places (Less than 5%). If I may; I would like to ask you few questions and would appreciate very much if you could acknowledge at your earliest. Having seen your videos I have decided to put a warm roof on top of the current felt flat roof, which I believe will be much easier and quicker.
    1.      As mentioned above in couple of places it has gone soft but the joists are not affected (solid as I stand either side of the    patch). I wish to put the insulation on top of the felt, will it be okay to put vapor barrier in between the insulation and felt?
    2.      I don’t see any ventilation in my current roof; do I need to put ventilation whilst installing warm roof and where would      that be?
    3.      Is it possible to give me a quote for materials only for a roof size 7050mm x 2450mm (of course will need extra bit to    overlaps), including flashing (2 x 7050mm & 1 x 2450mm), couple of vents materials, adhesives, tools and other flanges etc.     What is the time scale for delivery to arrive in Ripon HG4 
Once again thank you for putting the instructional videos which has given me the confidence to install/replace my current flat roof. Thank you.

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