New EPDM rubber roof

Re: New Roof

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Roof Estimate for a new EPDM rubber roof SW2 2DA



The existing roofs are comprised of a timber joisted roof (back), and a concrete substrate (front).
Total area of both roofs 98m².
The falls built into both roofs have problems, as water is pooling.

Suggested works
Both roofs need insulating and re-covering; the cheapest way of adjusting the falls of the roof will be by using a tapered insulation, otherwise known as ‘cut to falls’ insulation.

Insulation will be fixed over the substrates. The roofs will be raised by approximately 100mm. To stop thermal bridging, insulation will also be added to the depth of substrate, thus pushing out any new fascias by the depth of the insulation.
As discussed on site, the new fascia will be constructed out of white UPVC to match that of the existing buildings.
It will be your responsibility to gain all permissions for raising the roof and changing the front fascia.

Glue new insulation over existing roof coverings (old roof coverings become the new vapour barrier).
Form new external upstands to perimeter of the roofs and dress new roof covering into the new fascia details.
New roof covering to be used – EPDM rubber.
New white GRP fascia to be fixed over 25mm of insulation and dressed to all external elevations of the property.

Duration: I estimate the works will take approximately 7 working days to complete.


Cut to falls insulation, supplied and installed:

(Until a design drawing has been given to the supplier, and they have worked out the exact depths and falls, an exact price cannot be provided, so please only use these prices as a guide.)

£ 6,850.00

The cost of coveringt e roof with EPDM rubber.

£ 4,410.00

The cost to insulate the fashia area and to install new upvc fashias

£ 3,890.00