Estimate for repairs to old felt flat roof

As you are aware I looked at the property last week, gained access onto the roof and took photos and videos for my records.

we could dress this parapet wall with EPDM

The existing roof is an old felt roof of size 49m², and if replaced will need insulating to the new building regulations Part L1b. The roof looks around 6 or 7 years old and its original life span was expected to be around 10 years.
The main problem with this roof is the flashings and the parapet walls, both of which need attention immediately.

Photo 1 – red arrows point to flaking brickwork to the parapet walls.
Photo 1 – blue arrows point to badly dressed flashings that are starting to crack at the top and will let water penetrate through shortly.
Also you can see in photo 1 that the trap door onto the roof is in need of repair or replacement.
Photo 2 shows the front parapet wall – the blue arrows point to cracking of this wall; although an attempt to cap the wall has been made by painting the wall with black tar, no reinforcement was added and now this tar is cracking, so water can penetrate again.

parapet wall needs pointing

On completion of the roof work, pointing of the parapet walls and chimney stacks should be undertaken.
Permission for access across the neighbour’s roof should be gained, so all materials can be hoisted up and onto the roof from the side street.

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