Whats the problem with this new EPDM roof?

New EPDM with now flashings

So have a look at this new EPDM roof  the owner of this property in London contacted me asking me to insulation the roof.

When I looked at the photo he sent me I told him the bad news

Where are the flashings?

The customer told me that the roofer was cheep he completed the roof by getting access from the skylight?

Apart from the fact the flashings are missing or they are using the old flashings, the EPDM rubber has been laid over the old roof without any insulation.

Capping a flat roof is not necessary a problem. Whats capping  you may ask?

Capping is when we place a flat roof membrane over the old roof covering. ( we don’t strip the old roof covering)

But placing a black flat roof membrane over an old tar based  roof such as mineral felt  is not a good idea

First the heat transferred down through the black of the EPDM will belt the old roof

Secondly the room below will be like an oven in the summer

Hopefully I will be posting how we insulate this roof in a later post

So until then







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