EPDM v Kemper

EPDM best for flat roofs with no details

Kemper best for roofs with details ( we now use Triflex basically the same as Kemper but can be laid in colder weather )

EPDM is cheaper and quick to lay

Kemper or Triflex  more expensive to buy More expensive to lay but bullet-proof  as now joints.

Think logically  If the flat roof has lots of skylights pipes and items on the roof that need dressing around, you have to cut and repair the sheet EPDM the more you do the more chance for a problem somewhere along the line

Look at this muck-up of a detail using EPDM

New EPDM rubber

EPDM rubber Joint

This is also true of all the sheet roofing materials look at this TPO roofing material again only 2 years old  but the problem is with making good joints with details.

This is not EPDM its a TPO roofing membrain

This is not EPDM

Now look how we can dress the Kemper or the Triflex with now joints

Not EPDM and no joints

No Joints


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