What is EPDM rubber ?

What I try to explain in this video is the difference between all the EPDM rubbers on the market.

EPDM rubber has been around for a long time however its relatively new in the UK around 30 years.

Most of the older people reading this have been using EPDM in some form or another for years however they didn’t know, the door linings to cars and the rubber around the windscreen is normally EPDM nowadays windscreen are glued down but the door trims are still EPDM.

If you need any help with chusing the roof covering for your roof please don’t hesitate to call us.

My men and I are trained in several different roof products EPDM is not  alway the best covering to be using however it is one of the cheaper and more versatile.

If you re renovating a roof  and capping it without insulation or a separation barrier  DO NOT USE EPDM Rubber

EPDM rubber is black and transfers the heat down to the roof below melting it and possibly  ruining the rubber above.


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